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Made By Steinway & Sons Exclusively For Steinway Pianos

RIM & CASE is double bent; both inner rim and outer rim are bent to shape and pressed together into one piece, in one operation, for solidity and tone. ALL case components are fitted, glued, and maple doweled for homogeneousness before installation of the soundboard.

DIAPHRAGMATIC® SOUNDBOARD is fashioned from selected, matched, solid quarter-sawn planks of even growth Sitka spruce. The thickness is gently tapered from center to edge resulting in a freer, more uniform vibration throughout the entire board.

HEXAGRIP® WRESTPLANK (PINBLOCK) is made entirely from seven thick, quarter-sawn maple planks for minimum glue content. NO veneers, particularly rotary-cut veneers. Layers are aligned at 45 or 90 degrees from each other for maximum gripping power.

ACCELERATED® ACTION (Grand) parts are anchored to a Tubular Metallic Frame fitted with a hard maple interior dowel which is force-fitted at minimum moisture content for stability in every climate.

HAMMERS are cut from virgin wool felt containing no admixture of other materials. Compression-wired for permanent shape before being individually tone regulated.

KEYBED (Grand/K) is designed with longitudinal rails of spruce for rigidity and stability. The rails are mortised on the edges and connected with a moveable hardwood fill-strip for stability under varying climatic conditions.

Continuing Integrity In DESIGN, MATERIAL, and WORKMANSHIP

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